Do you have a dream retirement exit plan?

Do you have a dream retirement exit plan?

As business owners approach retirement, they have a dream goal in mind. Transworld Business Advisors were able to help one manufacturing business owner achieve his desired exit plan. Talk to us about yours.


In 2019, the owner of a machine shop was ready to implement his exit strategy and sell his business. The manufacturing owner had always dreamt of retiring to the Cornish coast, and after investing over 30 years of his life into establishing his business, he was ready.  Which is when he approached Transworld Business Advisors of South West London, owners, Ken Gorman and Nada Saleh.


“When the seller approached us about what he hoped to achieve through the sale of his business, we wanted to do everything we could to support his dream and bring maximum value to the deal,” explains Nada. “He had five employees working at a fairly large facility with a number of milling and turning machines. These components, as well as an established customer-base, added value to the overall listing price, which we knew would be attractive to the right buyer.”


However, the business had been previously impacted by a fire. “When we looked at his financial records, it was clear how the revenue had gone down, due to the business not being able to manufacture anything after the fire. Although profit had gone up, as the company had been compensated by their insurance company,” Ken says. “To manage this, we needed to clarify what the actual financial performance of the business was, by looking beyond the impact of the fire at previous financial years, as well as the current run rate. The value of a business to a buyer is almost always determined by the cash flow it can provide to the buyer in the future.”


Transworld Business Advisors, as a global brand, have supported thousands of business sales over the last 41 years. Ken and Nada used their extensive Transworld training, combined with their previous experiences, to find the right buyer for what they could see was an excellent opportunity.  “We have a network of leveraged buyout buyers we’ve established strong relationships with,” Ken explains. “We knew which of our contacts would be interested in this kind of business, so presented the deal to them. The investor-buyers recognised this was an ideal fit for them, and made the offer.”


In a deal worth over £2m, the seller achieved maximum value for his business. “It was incredible to see the dream house he bought, in Cornwall,” Nada explains of the moment their client showed them where he would be relocating. “We enjoy celebrating the successes with our clients when the deal is closed, knowing we helped them hit their goal. It goes to show there is a point in having a dream retirement. We will do everything we can to support you, so those dreams become reality.”


This is what drives Transworld Business Advisors each morning. So, if you have a dream exit strategy, speak to your local advisor today, and discover the reality for yourself.