The right conversation leads to a good sale

A successful business sale isn’t about a speedy exit – it’s about a smart one. And it all starts with a conversation. When John Groves, owner of Transworld Business Advisors in Milton Keynes, was asked to facilitate the sale of quality handbag retailer Aurora London, he discovered a relatively young business, despite the impression it created of a heritage brand.   Aurora

Future focus helped to sell a business in a hard-hit industry

When the owner of a boutique travel agency wanted to sell her business, the pandemic didn’t make it an easy task. Fortunately, Transworld Business Advisors were by her side to guide the sale. When the owner of a boutique travel agency first started her company, it was a real labour of love to provide unique travel experiences to clients, of the type she personally enjoyed. But toward the en

Transworld Business Advisors weighs-in for a successful niche deal

Is your business considered niche? As one recent closed deal shows, with the support of Transworld Business Advisors beside you, you don’t need multiple offers; just one – the right one! When you’ve built a business within a specialist industry, it can be challenging to implement a successful exit strategy. Not only can it be difficult to find an appropriate buyer – becaus

The power of Transworld behind you to sell your business

One father and son team experienced the benefit of using Transworld’s UK-wide network of business advisors to help with the sale of their business. As a business owner, regardless of how long you have been operating, you’ll be aware of how even the best intentions, and greatest preparation, won’t always ensure the smooth running of a business. You’ll have learned, first-ha

Working closely with sell-side professionals helped one owner to successfully expand his business portfolio into new areas

When looking to expand his business portfolio into a new sector, one buyer’s conviction to use Transworld Business Advisors, led to him achieving his goal to buy a new business.   When it comes to working with sell-side deal advisory professionals, there are many who talk a good game, but end-up not acting for the best interests of either the buyer or seller on a transaction. However,

Overcome the challenges of a business sale, with expert guidance

When the time comes to retire, and sell your business, you will want to be sure of securing the right deal with the best possible terms, whatever challenges the market is facing. If you have a business which has been affected by Covid, you might find it challenging to demonstrate its current value to customers, if your business has been interrupted at all. You know your business has the solid fou

Growing a business portfolio was made easier with the support of Transworld Business Advisors

Acquiring another business that is already established can be a very lucrative way of expanding your operations, but you will want to be sure that you are getting the deal you deserve. For this buyer, John Groves at Transworld Business Advisors gave him exactly the opportunity he was looking for. “We were looking for areas in which we could grow our portfolio. We had two companies in mind,

Using Transworld Business Advisors took the guess-work out of the sale of our business

When the time was right for this multi-generational, family-run, credit management company to implement their exit strategy, they truly valued the benefit of having the right guidance, support and expertise behind them. “As our business grew, we began taking on several large contracts. We were really proud of our success. But, both my mother and I decided we wanted to step back from the bus

The right buyer might be closer than you think

Don’t let your business sale fall through at the last minute; use the professionals. With the expertise of Transworld Business Advisors supporting you at every step, your business exit will be both successful and seamless.   When you’ve spent the majority of your career working hard to build up your business, you want to be sure you secure the best possible deal to support the p

Expanding your brand with the help of Transworld Business Advisors

An international Water Sport Champion used the pandemic to expand her brand. Working with Michael Ziff, of Transworld Business Advisors made buying her new Yoga Studio much easier, and she looks forward to working with the professional business advisor, again, as she grows her portfolio.     During the pandemic, many people weren’t sure how to progress. One recent investor saw a

Selling a business with heart, as well as value

Having built a business with meaning, one local businessman in East Sussex approached Martin Howe, of Transworld Business Advisors, for help with the next stage of his career: retirement.   One local business owner in the East Sussex area had built a strong business, but, recognised it was time to hang up his carpentry belt, and exit the business. He approached Transworld Business Advisors

Selling more than just your business: selling a fresh start

Personal recommendations enabled the owner of a Yoga Business to find expert support from Transworld Business Advisors, when she needed to sell.   When selling a business, how can you be sure you not only receive the best price for what you have built up, but find genuinely interested buyers? This was the challenge one business owner had, when looking to sell her yoga business, so she and h

A retirement project which required full-time focus

For one of Transworld Business Advisors’ clients, he enjoyed being on the factory floor, and creating products. Now, with his wife’s encouragement and with Business Advisor, Bryan Clarke’s expertise, he has retired and can re-focus his attention from the production line, to vintage renovation.   Transworld Business Advisors of Sussex and West Surrey owner, Bryan Clarke, sa

How mutual connections built trust for a successful deal

For one couple in their 70’s, retirement seemed a distant dream they couldn’t attain. They needed to exit their business, but weren’t sure how. However, with the support of John Waterston, from Transworld Business Advisors of East Yorkshire, they are now enjoying a new lease of life.   When John first met with the seller of a kennel and cattery business, he recognised them

From Exit Planning to Hole-in-one

When you’re ready to exit your business, how sure are you of finding the support needed to secure the right deal? Transworld Business Advisors have sold thousands of businesses over 41 years. We are confident we can deliver you peace of mind, with no up-front fees. Even for the most dedicated and hard-working of business owners, there comes a point in your career when it’s time to exi

Navigating the sale to achieve a life-time dream

Having the backing of expert business advisors is essential, if you want to overcome the challenges involved in selling your business. Transworld Business Advisors offers you the right solution, by connecting you to the right buyer, and supporting you all the way through to completion. Deciding when it is time to sell your business, can open up opportunities for you to take your life in a new dir

Is now really the right time for me to sell?

Wondering whether now really is the right time to implement your exit strategy? There are people currently looking for their next opportunity, who might be right for the future of your business.   If you, as a business owner, had anticipated 2020 being the year you implement your exit strategy, you may be feeling uncertain about whether this can go-ahead, with the current situation around t

Transworld of London helps to secure jobs, during the pandemic

When a business owner mentioned to Henry Ziff, he was thinking about closing his business to move in a new career direction, the Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors of London offered him a more viable solution.   You may not always enjoy attending networking events, especially when they moved online, but the value of the connections you can make, and the people you connect wit

Transworld Business Advisors supports the pursuit of business dreams

In 2017, IT company owner, Jason Green, was given a book on business to read. Little did he realise he’d have sold his business through Transworld Business Advisors, and gained the freedom to pursue his dream, within just three years.   There are very few books which can change your life. But for entrepreneur, Jason Green, when he received the book, Traction, he immediately set about

How we supported our clients as they pivot their business

Transworld Business Advisors of South West London have been helping keep their clients actively growing during the coronavirus pandemic. Helping Dallas Chicken to recruit new business owners into their network, saw a growth, in spite of lockdown.    There aren’t many businesses which have flourished during the coronavirus pandemic, especially within the food and catering industry

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West forges a close bond with client, Dallas Chicken, and it’s delivering results

When Dabeel Waheel first received information through the post about Transworld Business Advisors, it sat on his desk for months. Now, however, he values the relationship they have established, and trusts them, as they help to grow his franchise network.   My relationship with Transworld has developed beyond more than just being a working relationship. I see the Transworld team as being lik

Do you have a dream retirement exit plan?

As business owners approach retirement, they have a dream goal in mind. Transworld Business Advisors were able to help one manufacturing business owner achieve his desired exit plan. Talk to us about yours.   In 2019, the owner of a machine shop was ready to implement his exit strategy and sell his business. The manufacturing owner had always dreamt of retiring to the Cornish coast, and aft

Transworld Business Advisors franchisee supports his client to escape the corporate world

When Transworld Business Advisors listed a landscape gardening business for sale, they ended up supporting one man to escape the corporate world, and step into the fresh challenge of business ownership.   For Bryan Clarke, owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Sussex and West Surrey, releasing people’s business dreams is a key part of what he does. So, when the owner of a large lan

One business owner is ready to enjoy a healthy retirement

One of our clients, was in the process of selling his business before the pandemic started. At Transworld Business Advisors, we were proud to support him with a successful completion, so he can start his dream retirement… as soon as the restrictions are fully lifted.     Once the lockdown was announced on March 23rd, many people found themselves in a pause. For one of our b

TBA Client testimonial

Stuart, was looking for the right opportunity to perfectly complement his marketing and media companies. Through a mutual connection, he was introduced to Eric Siecker, Transworld of Peterborough who, he soon discovered, had the right bolt-on business opportunity. With his new venture, he could now offer his clients a complete service, from rebrand design to the printing of signs, architectura

How one business deal inspired dreams to come true

Transworld Business Advisors gives business owners an exciting start to 2020. By supporting the sale process. Both of business broker Eric Siecker’s clients, have exciting new ventures to focus on. Eric Siecker, owner of Transworld of Peterborough, recently helped to close the deal on a signage business. “This was an independent business, which prints all types of signage, archite

Client testimonial: Vivienne Nweke

Having experienced selling businesses both with and without the help of a broker, Vivienne knew what she needed, when she needed to sell again. The expertise of a Transworld business broker to act as a buffer and offer a wider perspective to all sides, in order to secure a win-win sale. A recent health scare led one business owner to redefine her life. For Vivienne Nweke, this involved selli

Client testimonial

Anisha Patel is building a portfolio of dental practices. When she was ready to add another one to the six she had, she found working with Henry Ziff, of Transworld Business Advisors of London to be hugely beneficial. “Henry was very professional and responsive throughout the process of finding the right opportunity. I felt supported throughout, and enjoyed working with him. The dental

One deal achieved two strong business goals

A dental practice owner approached Transworld Business Advisors. He needed to return to the Middle East to be with his dying father. Mark Devonshire, who owns Transworld of London City and Henry Ziff, MD of Transworld of London, worked together to co-broke the right deal. For Transworld’s network of 230+ franchised offices, the ability to support clients through an emotional life-chang

Experience provided the confidence to sell two businesses with Transworld Business Advisors’ support

Earlier in the year, John Sweeney of Transworld Business Advisors was asked to support a business owner looking to sell her second business. She’d experienced the expert guidance with her previous sale, and didn’t hesitate to seek their guidance again.   “Vivienne had three beauty businesses altogether, which she had built up herself for a number of years. But she rea

With our support, you will reach higher

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West are celebrating the success of one of their clients. Due to the support they receive from Transworld, Dallas Chicken have made it into the Elite Franchise 100 list for the first time! When Transworld Business Advisors of London South West started working with Dallas Chicken at the beginning of 2019, they couldn’t have anticipated the su

The beauty of a healthy business deal

Transworld Business Advisors were approached by a seller keen to focus his attentions on a new venture. Having lost one potential buyer, how could broker and MD, Henry Ziff, help him sell his online health and beauty business? When Transworld Business Advisors of London were approached to help sell an online business, it required Henry Ziff, to draw on previous experience alongside the traini

Done Deal: How one deal released two people’s dreams

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West co-owner, Nada Saleh, was given an opportunity to help a business seller achieve his personal goal. What she couldn’t have envisioned was also helping the buyer achieve his dreams.  Transworld Business Advisors of London South West was approached by a young actor who had established a business whilst waiting for his career break. At the

A healthy beauty business investment

Considering a business in the health and beauty sector? You’ll be looking for signs your investment is a healthy prospect. Transworld Business Advisors shines a light on the industry, in 2019. Thinking about a good business venture, and it can be easy to overlook the healthy and beauty sector. Certain stereotypical impressions are often made about this industry. But you might be interes

Negotiating an extra mile brought an entrepreneurial dream to life

When someone approached Transworld Business Advisors looking for the right kind of business, Amir Hussain had something in mind. He also knew how to build confidence for a first time business buyer. Last month, Amir Hussain, from Transworld of London, shared about a deal he’d helped to close, over the summer. Shortly after, Amir was jubilant once again, having helped to sell another London-

Rugby League Cares has Welcomed one of the commercial world

Rugby League Cares has welcomed one of the commercial world’s leading business brokers, Transworld Business Advisors, as an associate sponsor of its biggest fundraiser of the year, the 2019 UK Red Ride to Wembley. Established 40 years ago, Transworld specialises in the sale and purchase of businesses and business franchises, and providing training and marketing support to its clients.

Why not use experts to secure your next deal?

Buying a business requires skill, determination and audacity. Having a business broker to guide you through the process brings confidence as you secure your next venture. Transworld Business Advisors UK offer five ways in which a broker works to your advantage.  There are a number of steps to moving into the lofty world of business ownership. We’ve spoken before, about the differences