From Exit Planning to Hole-in-one

When you’re ready to exit your business, how sure are you of finding the support needed to secure the right deal? Transworld Business Advisors have sold thousands of businesses over 41 years. We are confident we can deliver you peace of mind, with no up-front fees.

Even for the most dedicated and hard-working of business owners, there comes a point in your career when it’s time to exit your business. Perhaps you’re planning your retirement, have a once in a lifetime goal to pursue, or have a new venture to focus on. Whatever your reason, you’ll want to be sure you close the best possible deal, when it is time to sell your business.

For the owner of one well-established construction company the plan was simple, but very close to his heart: he wanted more time to play golf! After many years of building his company into a successful enterprise, the owner wanted more opportunities to enjoy his beloved hobby. Unfortunately, selling the business wasn’t all plain sailing; especially in 2020, when the construction industry was one of the biggest casualties of the pandemic; and he struggled to attract the kind of interest he felt his business deserved.

The right support
Prior to working with Transworld Business Advisors of London South West, the construction business owner had paid a substantial upfront fee to someone who claimed to be able to help him out. But he only received one call of interest, before the deal fell through.

“Finding the right kind of support when you are ready to exit your business is crucial. It is not just about the transaction value, but much more importantly understanding the desires of the people involved,” explains Henry Ziff, Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors UK. “We’ve worked with too many clients who have been put off by big promises and little outcome. We make your business our priority, and we don’t charge a fee until your deal is done!”

The owner realised he needed to change tactics, and needed to find someone he could trust who would work with him to sell the business. After receiving a recommendation from a respected contact in the industry, he discovered Transworld Business Advisors, and contacted Ken Gorman, owner of Transworld of London South West. “Our client was feeling a little despondent by the time he contacted us,” Ken explains. “I was quickly able to demonstrate how we use a localised and highly-personalised approach to connect sellers with exactly the right kind of buyers. We have many connections across all industries, through our network of over 500 brokers.”  

Leveraging our global network
Ken and his office quickly set to work leveraging their extensive network of contacts, in order to re-build confidence in their client, and help him achieve his life-time goal. “Within just six weeks, we had received interest from eight different buyers, three of whom made him an offer,” Ken says, proud of his team. “Despite the obvious challenges of selling a business in 2020, we were able to secure the right deal for our client, for the full value of his business for over £1m.”

Peace of mind
Ken’s client has now hung up his tools, and picked up his golf clubs, instead. After finding the perfect deal, he is working hard on his next big challenge: the perfect game! Is it time you started to enjoy the finer things in life too?

Having supported thousands of business owners achieve their exit strategy, we’re ready to help you with yours and connect you with the right buyer. Contact us today and let us support you.