Growing a business portfolio was made easier with the support of Transworld Business Advisors

Acquiring another business that is already established can be a very lucrative way of expanding your operations, but you will want to be sure that you are getting the deal you deserve. For this buyer, John Groves at Transworld Business Advisors gave him exactly the opportunity he was looking for.

“We were looking for areas in which we could grow our portfolio. We had two companies in mind, but we chose the one presented by John, because it was far easier for us to get information about it. It was clear from the outset, John was advising the seller on how to promptly send us the correctly detailed information we needed, and he packaged up his client’s business excellently.

“John is incredibly accessible, which helps tremendously when working on a transaction. Transworld Business Advisors is one of the few companies I’ve come across which actually does what it says on the tin. He was absolutely superb, and went far beyond what I would normally expect from a business advisor helping his clients exit.

“If someone came to me now and I said ‘I’m planning to sell my business’, I would tell them to speak to John and the team at Transworld Business Advisors – without a doubt. If we’re going to be proactive in buying a business again, I would certainly pick up the phone to John, and have a look at the Transworld website before I started. If I saw something I liked on there, I would want John to be working with me on closing our next deal.”