Navigating the sale to achieve a life-time dream

Having the backing of expert business advisors is essential, if you want to overcome the challenges involved in selling your business. Transworld Business Advisors offers you the right solution, by connecting you to the right buyer, and supporting you all the way through to completion.

Deciding when it is time to sell your business, can open up opportunities for you to take your life in a new direction. This could even include chasing after a long-term ambition you simply don’t have time for, at the moment.  

This is what one farm supply business owner did. The owner wanted to fulfil his lifelong dream; one which grew stronger with each passing year: to sail around the Greek Islands! By the time he contacted us, at Transworld Business Advisors, he had reached a stage in life where he was still young enough to enjoy the rewards of his hard work. Just. It was the right time to sell.

Farm supplies is a specialist industry, one which generally appeals to entrepreneurs with market awareness and a keen desire for profitable growth. The vendor quickly realised selling his company would require additional support from our highly-experienced and skilled advisors. In speaking with Ken Gorman, at Transworld Business Advisors of South West London, he felt confident Ken had the right approach to support him through the sale process.

Sound advice and insight
Ken and his team quickly made sure they spent enough time speaking with the business owner, in order to gain a full understanding of his needs, and expectations for exiting his business. They complied a targeted strategy, designed to bring the company to the attention of exactly the right kind of buyers.

As Ken explains, “Though many businesses are successful finding their way through the economic turmoil, it can still be challenging for owners ready to sell, to find a buyer who will take on a business for its full value. However, using our knowledge and networks, we were soon able to find a strategic buyer who instantly recognised the potential of his company. He was eager to engage with us, and raise the full £1.8million investment to secure the purchase.”

The deal was not without challenges, however. Though Ken’s team quickly sourced an appropriate buyer, the current nature of the market meant the buyer couldn’t access the normal finance channels other professional buyers use. “Fortunately for the seller, the extensive industry experience which sets Transworld apart from our competition, meant we could resolve these challenges to the mutual benefit of both parties, in securing the finance the buyer needed.”

It’s time to fulfil your dreams – it’s time for Transworld Business Advisors.
Our client is very much looking forward to moving into his yacht, and navigating his way around Greece’s crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and golden sunsets. Maybe you could be next?

With more than 40 years of successful brokering and deal making behind us, we’re here to support you every step of the way in finding the perfect deal. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from having our experts on your side.