One business owner is ready to enjoy a healthy retirement

One business owner is ready to enjoy a healthy retirement

One of our clients, was in the process of selling his business before the pandemic started. At Transworld Business Advisors, we were proud to support him with a successful completion, so he can start his dream retirement… as soon as the restrictions are fully lifted.  


Once the lockdown was announced on March 23rd, many people found themselves in a pause. For one of our business owners, who was in the process of hanging up his tools so he could retire, this wasn’t the kind of pause he had in mind. “My client was approaching 70 and was ready to retire,” explains Andy Myers, owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Kent. “He had his dream plan all worked out: he and his wife were going to move to the South West, where they had always wanted to end out their days together.


“He had an auto garage, located on a busy industrial estate which specialised in servicing cars, MOT’s and general mechanics. He didn’t want to just shut-up-shop, as his customers had become reliant on what he and his staff offered. So, he was looking to sell the business.”


Having received information through the post about Transworld and how they support business owners to sell their businesses, he contacted Andy for guidance. “I worked closely with my client for about a year, in total. This involved making sure all the paperwork was in order, and marketing the business to the right audience who might be interested in it. The tail end of the sale having been caught just as the lockdown started.


“Once we’d found the right buyer for him – a gentleman who had been made redundant from a big dealership in London, and wanted to work for himself – I was able to support both parties through the sale process. This was new to both of them, so having my experience to guide them through brought a lot of confidence to the table. My client wasn’t looking to add more stress to his retirement plan.”


With Andy’s help, the garage was sold and the client’s retirement was funded. “As soon as the lockdown is lifted, and people have the freedom to move around again, he is very much looking forward to moving South and enjoying the fruit of all his hard work over the last 30 years. Here’s to his new life and a pleasant retirement.”