Overcome the challenges of a business sale, with expert guidance

When the time comes to retire, and sell your business, you will want to be sure of securing the right deal with the best possible terms, whatever challenges the market is facing.

If you have a business which has been affected by Covid, you might find it challenging to demonstrate its current value to customers, if your business has been interrupted at all. You know your business has the solid foundation and powerful market-share to not only bounce back, but to continue growing for years to come. But, after the year of lockdowns and uncertainty, it can be difficult to prove to potential buyers.

For one seller of a boutique beauty studio in London, this challenge stalled her retirement. However, thanks to the decades of experience and expertise of Senior Business Advisor, Michael Ziff from Transworld Business Advisors of London, she recently secured the sale she needed.

When the pandemic hit, Michael had to significantly shift his strategy to meet the needs of an increasingly risk-averse market. The comprehensive business analysis he provided as part of the Transworld approach to the sale of the business, allowed him and the seller to create a confidential information memorandum, which was optimised to attract the correct group of buyers.

By advertising across multiple channels, including through the global Transworld network, Michael found an appropriate buyer, in the form of a dental practice owner, who wanted to expand, specifically into the beauty industry, whilst also expanding geographically into London.

Having previously worked with another business broker who had failed to find a buyer, the seller was overjoyed her decision to move to Transworld Business Advisors was paying off. Not only was Michael able to present the business in a very confident light, he also demonstrated its long-term potential, to a buyer who had little direct experience of this market.

The corporate lawyer who assisted the seller says of Michael’s involvement, “Michael was really on the ball and committed to getting the deal done, in the most difficult period of history I have seen in my thirty-plus year career as a corporate and commercial solicitor. He handled all challenges with great expertise. There were various areas we needed to work through, but Michael showed great patience and tenacity, in order to negotiate the right deal, and outcome for everyone.

“I would recommend anyone who is thinking about selling their business, to consider Transworld Business Advisors of London. Having someone like Michael, who has the requisite expertise, can help ensure you close on a strong deal, no matter the economic conditions. He proved to be a great facilitator between all the parties.”

Can we help you meet your retirement and exit needs?

Due to the high-level of expertise and industry insight, Transworld Business Advisors have helped thousands of businesses connect with the right buyer. We understand your time is valuable and you feel better when you are focused on your business. So, we aim to not only to connect you with the right buyer, but will support you through the entire transaction by project managing it to completion, achieving the best possible deal and outcome for all your years of hard work, in running and growing your business.

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