Selling more than just your business: selling a fresh start

Personal recommendations enabled the owner of a Yoga Business to find expert support from Transworld Business Advisors, when she needed to sell.


When selling a business, how can you be sure you not only receive the best price for what you have built up, but find genuinely interested buyers? This was the challenge one business owner had, when looking to sell her yoga business, so she and her husband could relocate. She’d created an inspiring lifestyle brand, rather than just running yoga classes, and felt it was important for the right buyer to be as involved as she had been. So, she asked among her contacts for recommendations of someone who could help her sell the business.


In asking around, she was connected with Michael Ziff of Transworld Business Advisors of London. Michael, not only has personal experience with running and selling his own businesses, but Transworld Business Advisors has, for over four decades, helped sell thousands of businesses. She felt confident in his ability to help find the right buyer.


Michael, met with the Yoga club owner, and explained the process they would embark on, together, to sell her business. “We take the guesswork out of the sales process,” Michael explains. “I soon identified how best to market this business, recognising it would be an excellent opportunity for someone in the fitness industry. The owner had established a strong client-community of like-minded people who were interested in the variety of yoga practices, as well as the lifestyle she inspired.”


Michael was soon approached by someone looking for the right opportunity to add value to her existing fitness business. “Just as the pandemic was starting, I was approached by an international athlete who had her own range of sportswear. She had seen our adverts, and liked the Yoga business, which would perfectly suit her brand, and lifestyle.”


Although the pandemic was starting to impact the UK, the purchase of the new Yoga Business wasn’t affected. “The pandemic caused a few minor delays, but it didn’t stop the buyer from expanding her business. She saw the value of leading Yoga classes for her already successful brand, and was keen to implement it into her offering.”


The seller was appreciative of the support she received from Michael, and says of her experience: “In helping to sell our company, Michael Ziff showed enthusiasm and perseverance, in a very professional and personal manner which exceeded my expectations. It can be a long and difficult process to bring a business sale to close, let alone during the Covid 19 lockdown. Michael’s wealth of experience and his outstanding relationship-building skills, helped to achieve the best terms for both parties; his support was invaluable. Throughout my dealings with him, Michael showed immense focus, confidence, dedication and determination, prioritising and ensuring a quick and smooth transaction – not just for me, but for my buyer, too.”


The efficiency of this deal, not only enabled the buyer to expand her business, but also facilitated the seller’s move. So, if you are looking to start a new life, or achieve a business goal, talk to your local Transworld Business Advisor to see how we can help.