TBA Buyer Testimonial

Whilst IT support is largely a recession-proof sector, one business wanted to enhance his business offering, and was looking to buy a business to complement his own. When he met Henry Ziff, Transworld Managing Director and London-based business advisor, he knew he’d found the right man to help him accomplish this goal.

“I first started talking to Henry at a local strategic partnership meeting, and told him about my plans for company acquisition. We carried on talking about it long after, and one thing led to another. So, when he approached me about a deal he thought was the right fit, I knew he’d taken on board everything I’d said I was looking for.

“Having previously been a lawyer, I know just how hard these things can be. The most important aspect of any acquisition is to have a clear plan, with clear lines of communication. Henry showed amazing attention to detail, and was always available when I needed him. With his sector knowledge as well as business sale experience, he was an absolute delight to work with throughout the whole transaction.

“Since I met Henry, acquisition is now firmly on the roadmap for my business. I felt I really connected with him. We’re both driven, and we both want to make a positive change. I’m sure this will be the first deal of many deals with him and with Transworld Business Advisors.”