TBA Client testimonial

TBA Client testimonial

Stuart, was looking for the right opportunity to perfectly complement his marketing and media companies. Through a mutual connection, he was introduced to Eric Siecker, Transworld of Peterborough who, he soon discovered, had the right bolt-on business opportunity. With his new venture, he could now offer his clients a complete service, from rebrand design to the printing of signs, architectural film, and vehicle wrapping – options he had previously only advised about. 

“I found Eric to be incredibly professional, with no hidden agenda. I told him my position quite early on in our discussions, and I’m pleased he took this on board. It ensured the discussions between myself and the vendors were as clear as possible from the outset. We both understood where the other was coming from, and where we wanted to get to.

“Eric had a positive approach toward the deal, and helped me as much as he did the vendor, to complete the deal. He could see what they wanted to achieve, as well as me, and made recommendations for a realistic outcome. He didn’t oversell on what he could deliver. I’ve dealt with other brokers in the past, who often give vendors unrealistic advice, and the deals don't close. However, with Eric, things were different. He accurately managed expectations, and was good at helping to send me the right information, as required.”

In his experience, Stuart has found a business deal can throw up further problems when it goes to legals. But with Eric, he was pleased this wasn’t the case. “Eric gave us a good setup point for when it went over to our legal advisors to write the contract. We weren’t suddenly discovering new hurdles – the process was all quite clear. This is because of the high level of communication between us, through Eric.

“I would happily work with Eric again, on other acquisitions.”