The power of Transworld behind you to sell your business

One father and son team experienced the benefit of using Transworld’s UK-wide network of business advisors to help with the sale of their business.

As a business owner, regardless of how long you have been operating, you’ll be aware of how even the best intentions, and greatest preparation, won’t always ensure the smooth running of a business. You’ll have learned, first-hand, the importance of needing to deal with the unexpected pitfalls and problems, on your path to success, whatever industry you are in.

So, when it is time to implement your exit strategy, it won’t come as a surprise to know finding the right deal is no exception. Which is why, for one father and son business team, having the backing of experienced and well-connected business advisers, helped them to find the right deal.

When the owners of an IT support company in London, were ready to exit their business and pursue different goals, having the power of Transworld Business Advisors behind them meant they were prepared for almost any unexpected crisis. So, when a buyer pulled out of the deal a couple of days before signing, their advisor, Ken Gorman of Transworld Business Advisors of London South West was already prepared.  

Ken had been working with the family team, guiding them carefully through the assessment process and helping to market their company, when a lucrative deal with a larger IT firm had been arranged. However, due to various private reasons, the buyer ended up pulling out of the sale, at the very last minute. As Ken says, “The deal was literally drawn-up and ready to be signed-off; so it was a real gut punch for our sellers when it fell through. Unfortunately, these things sometimes happen; however, what we’re really good at, here at Transworld, is making sure we always have a Plan B. That’s our job: making sure we always have options for our clients, regardless of the situations which hit us.”

Ken contacted another Transworld Business Advisor within the UK network, Henry Ziff, who had exactly the right buyer for this deal. And, with their combined experiences and contacts, Henry and Ken turned around and closed the new deal within just two weeks.

As Henry, owner of Transworld Business Advisors of London and the UK Managing Director, explains, “I’d been coaching the buyer through the benefits of growth through acquisition and how it was more efficient, cheaper than attempting to grow organically. So, when Ken spoke to me about this deal, I knew instantly this was the perfect fit for my client. Ken and I brought our respective clients together, and quickly secured the buyer’s first purchase helping him to double the size of his business, and enabling the seller to retires, happily.”

Transworld Business Advisors prides itself on having the best advisors in the industry, with over four decades of experience and expertise to draw upon. However, when you work with Transworld to sell your business, you don’t just work with an individual in isolation – you’re connected to a vast, global network of business sale experts. As a network of over 500 professional business advisors, we have a proven track record of connecting thousands of business owners with their right buyers.

If you want to be sure of getting the right deal for your exit strategy, whatever challenges come your way, it’s time to contact Transworld Business Advisors.