The right buyer might be closer than you think

Don’t let your business sale fall through at the last minute; use the professionals. With the expertise of Transworld Business Advisors supporting you at every step, your business exit will be both successful and seamless.


When you’ve spent the majority of your career working hard to build up your business, you want to be sure you secure the best possible deal to support the plans you have for your exit strategy and retirement. So, when you receive an offer for your business, and can see your plans are starting to come together, it can seem like a dream come true.

However, this can quickly turn into a nightmare, when your buyer unexpectedly pulls out.

Which is exactly what happened to the owners of a multi-generational, family-run, credit management firm. Having built the company up from nothing, they felt it was time to move on, and wanted to reap the rewards of all their hard work. The mother and daughter team’s plan to retire from the corporate world and pursue their own independent projects were severely set back when their sale failed to come together.

Until they were introduced to John Groves at Transworld Business Advisors. John and his team were referred through a local networking group, and the seller spoke extensively with John from Transworld Business Advisors of Milton Keynes, about the sale they had arranged. They were very impressed by John’s knowledge and professionalism, so knew exactly who to ask to support them through the sale process.

Using his extensive network of contacts and the wider global Transworld buyer networks, John was soon able to get the word out about the business and received around 30 enquiries within the first few weeks, including three offers at the full asking price. His initial honest analysis of the business paid off and, by presenting the company’s true potential in a way which appealed to buyers, John in the end secured a price 25% higher than the original deal which the owners had tried to construct by themselves.

“When I initially valued the business for the seller,” said John. “I knew the company had a so much potential, so was quickly able to line up several buyers, providing the seller with a choice of options. In the end, we went with the deal which offered the best payment terms. It was a great fit for the buyer too, who was looking for a way to grow their business. A real win-win situation for everyone.”

Working with Transworld Business Advisors is not about finding just any deal, it is about finding the right deal for you. As the seller discovered for herself, “When you’re selling your business on your own, you have to do everything, like generating marketing materials, and going out to meet with people who might potentially be interested. It is very time-consuming, and I still had my business to run. When we met people through John, he’d already done the groundwork for us. We felt confident the buyers he introduced had the knowledge about our business, the money to complete the deal and the ambition to actually transact; so, most of our conversations led straight to an offer.”

With over 500+ expert business advisors around the world, and thousands of industry contacts, Transworld Business Advisors specialise in a strategic approach to selling your business. If it’s your time to implement your exit strategy, it’s time to contact Transworld Business Advisors.