Transworld Business Advisors of London South West forges a close bond with client, Dallas Chicken, and it’s delivering results

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West forges a close bond with client, Dallas Chicken, and it’s delivering results

When Dabeel Waheel first received information through the post about Transworld Business Advisors, it sat on his desk for months. Now, however, he values the relationship they have established, and trusts them, as they help to grow his franchise network.


My relationship with Transworld has developed beyond more than just being a working relationship. I see the Transworld team as being like family, an extended part of the Dallas brand. But this isn’t something which just happened overnight, it’s a relationship we’ve both come to value, forged over the time Ken Gorman and Nada Saleh have been supporting my business growth.


I collect the mail from my shops; and remember one week, there was one of what I call, Nada’s love letters! Basically, an introduction flyer to Transworld Business Advisors, with an invitation to speak to them if I wanted to sell my business. After about three or four months, I contacted them: I didn’t want to sell a business, I wanted support to sell a number of my franchises.


Started by my father, in 1996, Dallas Chicken is a huge part of who I am – I’ve been involved for over 20 years, helping my dad grow the business. I would even sneak out of school at lunchtime to meet with suppliers!! So, when I met with Ken and Nada, it was essential they weren’t just the right people, professionally, they had to also be people I could connect with, personally.


Transworld took the time to really understand both me and my business, which was a significant draw. My business means more to me than opening more chicken shops. The business supplies the whole supply chain for our shops, because I’m passionate about high-quality – from the food our customers eat, the fittings in each location, right down to the franchisees who run our shops. We don’t cut corners. I saw Ken and Nada grasped this about Dallas Chicken really quickly, which translated into understanding the type of person I was looking to sell my franchises to.


Within a few weeks, strong leads started to come in, which impressed me a lot. I’ve been through other agencies who talk a good talk, but they didn’t actually deliver the results. Transworld, however, worked hard in the background, and sent me some excellent leads they had qualified for me. What’s more, they don’t take a penny from me, until the business is sold and I’ve been paid.


If you’re looking for someone to help you with your business, I would highly recommend Transworld. I believe I met Ken and Nada at the right time for my business. Part of the relationship we have comes from growing together as individual business owners who respects what the other is doing. It’s been humbling to walk with them through their own business growth, and to celebrate each other’s successes along the way. And I know, they’ll celebrate your successes with you too.