Transworld Business Advisors supports the pursuit of business dreams

Transworld Business Advisors supports the pursuit of business dreams

In 2017, IT company owner, Jason Green, was given a book on business to read. Little did he realise he’d have sold his business through Transworld Business Advisors, and gained the freedom to pursue his dream, within just three years.


There are very few books which can change your life. But for entrepreneur, Jason Green, when he received the book, Traction, he immediately set about implementing the key take-aways within his business, using the structure recommended within the book. This added an unforeseen value to his IT managed service provider business, which soon came to the fore.


Having made changes to the way his business was run, Jason realised he no longer needed to be involved in the day-to-day. So, he reduced his hours, which allowed him to follow his dream to become a fully-fledged Professional EOS implementer. “I knew my focus had shifted,” Jason explains, “but I wasn’t sure what I needed to do about it. A conversation with Henry Ziff of Transworld Business Advisors, helped me to see there was a viable solution to suit both me, and my business.”


Henry Ziff, Managing Director of Transworld of London, suggested to Jason he should sell his business. “This way, I would be keeping my staff in work, and ensuring my loyal clients received continuity with the services from my company, even though I would no longer be involved in their journey. My meeting with Henry proved to be extremely fortuitous.” 


Using his expertise around selling a business, Henry approached a number of buyers he thought would be interested in the type and size of business Jason had established. “I was saved the hassle of meeting with half-hearted buyers,” Jason says, “because Henry did all the leg work, in only bringing serious buyers to the table. This massively reduced the perceived stress of selling my business. I took the offers we received to my board, who agreed to sell to the buyer we recognised was the right fit for the future of the company.”


Jason hugely appreciates the support he received from Henry, recognising he wouldn’t be where he is now, had it not been for his guidance. “Henry was an incredible source of encouragement throughout, and kept the momentum going. There’s always going to be an element of risk in any sale process, such is the nature of being a business owner. But, when you have a committed buyer, and a committed seller, the sale will happen; especially with Transworld pulling out all the stops to keep the deal moving. This alone added value to the whole process. What could have been a frustrating situation, was a positive experience, thanks to Henry.”


A month after the deal was completed, and Jason is positively radiant in his new role as a Professional EOS implementer. He is grateful to Henry for showing him a profitable solution, which enabled him to pursue his passion. “I met Henry at the right time, shortly after reading Traction, both of which have completely changed my life. My stress levels disappeared overnight, and I am loving life, every day. I can use my new found freedom to focus on supporting other entrepreneurs  by adding value to their businesses too. Life is great!”


If you, as a business owner, have a dream you’re wondering how to pursue, contact Henry today. Find out for yourself how Transworld can add value to your life. Call 0203 911 0159 or email