Transworld Business Advisors weighs-in for a successful niche deal

Is your business considered niche? As one recent closed deal shows, with the support of Transworld Business Advisors beside you, you don’t need multiple offers; just one – the right one!

When you’ve built a business within a specialist industry, it can be challenging to implement a successful exit strategy. Not only can it be difficult to find an appropriate buyer – because how do you go about CONFIDENTIALLY marketing such a business without anyone finding out? – it can also be difficult to properly communicate the true worth of your company to those unfamiliar with what your business does. Likewise, if you want to expand your own niche service, it can be hard to find the right kind of business to complement your growth strategy.

This is where Transworld Business Advisors can offer you valuable support. One of our advisors, Ken Gorman, senior partner of Transworld Business Advisors of London South West, was approached by a firm specialising in vehicle weighing solutions. The owner was keen to retire, but wanted to pass the business on to someone who could continue to drive it forward.

In listening to their story, Ken understood the challenges they would face, as they started to exit the business. As Ken explains, “Selling a niche business isn’t a problem. However, one of the biggest challenges this kind of deal faces is stock valuation. We want to make sure we assess the true value of the business which isn’t always an easy process.”

The value of any business is usually the first question we, at Transworld, are asked by both buyer and seller, which shows how essential answering this correctly is for the successful closing on a deal. Transworld’s network of business advisors has tremendous experience in providing an objective assessment to help buyers make an informed decision. But, it will also help you, the seller, correctly market your business, and receive what you deserve, for the years of blood, sweat and tears invested in establishing and growing your business.

Whilst, often, the preparation for sale can seem time-consuming, in the journey we take with you, it makes the process easier in the long-run. “We put the word out about the business through a variety of channels”, Ken continues. “Usually, when we advertise a business, we can expect anywhere between 20–100 enquiries. For this sale, we had exactly two! One of whom was the perfect buyer, which is all we need to close the deal, and help our client enjoy his retirement.”

With over 42 years of experience, and having sold tens of thousands of businesses – including many highly-specialist and niche ones, we can help you with the sale of yours. Over the years, we’ve established key industry contacts, both nationally and internationally, and specialise in making the right connection between you as the seller, and your buyer, regardless of how specialist your company is. For us, it’s not just about making a deal, it’s about making the right deal. Contact us today to discuss your exit plans.