Transworld Business Advisors welcomes two new franchisees

A New Year, always seems to bring with it a sense of fresh starts. For Transworld Business Advisors’ two new franchise partners, their fresh start is a result of the new businesses they’ve invested in.


For any franchise to experience growth, is an exciting time. For Transworld Business Advisors, to add another two franchise partners to the network, made for a good start to 2021.


As Transworld UK Managing Director, Henry Ziff, explains, ‘Transworld Business Advisors has over 255 franchisees, globally, including eighteen here in the UK, and has been in operation since 1979. Throughout the Pandemic, our franchise partners continue to excel in their business, and over the last four decades, we’ve supported tens of thousands of businesses to sell their business. This, essentially, is what we do – it’s where we excel as a franchise. Selling a business is a complex process, because the seller has invested so much of themselves into the enterprise.”


It takes the right kind of person to be able to support them through the process, whilst having the knowledge and confidence to close the deal so all parties are satisfied with the end result. “I know our two new franchise partners, Paul and Harry, are going to be an asset to the Transworld UK network,” Henry continues, “as they are already proving themselves to be. So I’m looking forward to helping them achieve great results with their new businesses, over the course of their first year, and beyond.”


Paul Kaye, South Buckinghamshire

Paul Kaye, new owner of Transworld Business Advisors of South Bucks, had previously worked as a chartered accountant, before spending a number of years living and working around Europe. “Whilst I enjoyed travelling and working abroad, when I returned to the UK I was ready to put my experience to entrepreneurial use,” Paul says. “So, I invested in a number of business ventures, including a franchise in property, and my own start-up in executive recruitment. So I knew about franchising, and I knew about starting a business.”


However, the pandemic led Paul to rethink where he was heading, as it has done for many of us. “Having experienced what franchising can help me achieve, I was ready for a new direction, when the pandemic led to a slow-down in my recruitment business.” he explains. “I came across Transworld, and really liked the idea of working locally, building up a business where I can leverage my local network. Transworld was a good fit, and after speaking with some of the franchise partners already active in the network, I knew my ambition and drive would be the right fit for the franchise. Plus I believe my culminative experience in both the corporate and entrepreneur worlds, will give me a good-standing when I speak with my clients.”


Having completed the training programme with the Transworld team in London and over Zoom with our USA colleagues due to current travel restrictions, Paul was ready to open his business at the beginning of 2021. “I wouldn’t say I’m a natural entrepreneur, compared to those who I’ve met, so having the backing of my franchisor is perfect for me, as I am sure it would be for many others. The Head Office team are fully supportive. When you have the right people behind you, with the right attitude, then I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Transworld has given me this sense of freedom and I know, by following the business model, I can make my Transworld office work.”


Harry Cope, Manchester

Harry Cope owner of Transworld’s most recent office, had previously owned his own retail business, in joint partnership with members of his family, before he decided to exit the business. “I’d gone into business with my family, after completing my Economics Degree, so was ready for a new challenge,” Harry explains. “I really like the concept Transworld presents and it’s exciting being part of something which is still growing in the UK.”


Still in his mid-20’s, Harry is supported, not just by the franchisor, but by people who inspire him to be a better version of himself. “My uncle, Mike, who has joined me in the Transworld business, had built up a hugely successful accountancy practice, before he took early retirement. My partner is a solicitor, and she has already supported me with the legal aspects of the business, and introduced me to the right firms to network with. So, with all of our experiences in business sales, accountancy, and law, I’m confident we will achieve great success with Transworld Business Advisors of Manchester. Henry, and some of the others within the Transworld network, are hugely driven; I’m already learning some exceptional lessons from them on how to be the best business advisor I can be.”


What about you?

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