Using Transworld Business Advisors took the guess-work out of the sale of our business

When the time was right for this multi-generational, family-run, credit management company to implement their exit strategy, they truly valued the benefit of having the right guidance, support and expertise behind them.

“As our business grew, we began taking on several large contracts. We were really proud of our success. But, both my mother and I decided we wanted to step back from the business. I wanted to move into coaching and mentoring, and she was ready to retire. We felt the best way to achieve the outcome we both wanted, would be to sell the business.

“Initially, we tried to sell it ourselves, which was incredibly tough and we got nowhere, really. When you’re trying to sell your business by yourself, you have to do everything, package it up in the right way, find a good pool of the right buyers (there’s lots of timewasters out there) and going out to meet with people who might potentially be interested. It is very time-consuming. And you feel deflated when the deal you thought you had, falls through.

“We were introduced to John Groves, the Senior Business Advisor from Transworld Business Advisors of Milton Keynes, and we instantly saw the difference. We were astounded to have received 15 inquiries for the business in just the first week of marketing it with him and Transworld! John told us Transworld is a global business advisory service with a local presence who have access to thousands of buyers, and he proved this to us in the first week.

“When we met with prospective buyers, John had already done most of the groundwork for us, he qualified them and filtered out those who would not be correct for our business. We felt confident they had received full knowledge about our business, and had the finances needed to close the deal, which led to an offer from the right buyer with the right deal structure for our family.”

“John was always super helpful. Full of advice, guidance and support. He had two people’s individual requirements to think about in this sale, and we believe he managed us both, equally well. His support was the most important thing in ensuring the deal was completed. He genuinely cared about the results, and we could not recommend working with John and his team at Transworld Business Advisors highly enough.”