When your deal can have a positive impact on Britain’s economy

When your deal can have a positive impact on Britain’s economy

In December 2017, John Waterston embarked on his new venture: a new business with Transworld Business Advisors. Upon completion of the training in West Palm Beach, John opened for business in March, 2018. He has just completed one of his biggest deals, to-date.

A local Oxfordshire businessman, whose business supplied the NHS with highly-specialist surgical equipment, approached Transworld Business Advisor, John Waterston, after seeing his presentation at their local BNI chapter. “He had been trying to sell his business for about a year,” John explains, “and although the buyer was keen, the process had hit a slump with neither party knowing how to inject momentum back into the negotiations.”

Using the training he had acquired from Transworld Business Advisors, John decided to engage with the buyer, to re-ignite their interest. “The buyer was based outside the UK, and had 2/3 divisions, including pharmacies, and surgical equipment. This would be a powerful acquisition for them on various levels, and give them a way into the UK market after Brexit.

“My solution was to offer two tiers of service: engage positively with the buyer to focus negotiations and to motivate them and secondly offer the seller an alternative option to find a new buyer, so it introduced fear of loss in the present buyer’s minds.”

The business sold for £980k

Win-win BECAUSE OF Brexit

“The seller, who wanted to pursue other business interests, found the combined commitment was holding back both businesses. This deal transforms their ability to forge ahead with their new interests.

“The buyer – a firm based in the EU – made a positive decision to invest INTO the UK, because of Brexit, not in spite of it. As a result, they have secured jobs, increased their activity, and expanded the UK-side of their business into Oxfordshire.

“The UK wins, because this deal has secured quality jobs and helped several businesses flourish in the coming years, which wouldn’t have been the case without a carefully constructed deal.

“And I win, because my Transworld business has made a genuine difference to people’s lives.”