With our support, you will reach higher

With our support, you will reach higher

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West are celebrating the success of one of their clients. Due to the support they receive from Transworld, Dallas Chicken have made it into the Elite Franchise 100 list for the first time!

When Transworld Business Advisors of London South West started working with Dallas Chicken at the beginning of 2019, they couldn’t have anticipated the success they’d have. But, 11 months on, and Transworld are celebrating with their client, upon their entry into the Elite Franchise top 100 franchises in the UK for the first time.

Transworld Business Advisors were approached by Dallas Chicken to help them with the sale of their franchised chicken shops. “Dallas Chicken are a national brand who have been operating in the UK since 1996,” explains Nada Selah who works closely with the client. “They approached us about supporting them with their franchisee recruitment, because of our experiences with selling businesses.”

Nada and her business partner, Ken Gorman, Transworld of London South West franchise owners, set about learning as much as they could about their new client. Their effort into developing strategies Dallas would benefit from led to substantial growth in 2019, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. “When we first started with them, Dallas didn’t have any strategies around franchise recruitment, so we helped them to structure this. We have supported the client at three franchising shows during the year and have, as a result of this and other marketing activities, helped to grow the brand by signing 15 new franchisees.”

Dallas Chicken have entered this year’s Elite Franchise 100 at number 76, having never made it into the list before. “It has been an exciting challenge to work with this type of client, and we are really pleased to have been a part of their journey. We saw how desperate Dallas were to sell their businesses; and fortunately, they were open to our strategic approach. Their trust in the Transworld process, has made our job much easier.”

The client appreciates the support Transworld has given them over the year, and enjoys working with them. “We are helping the company to grow, whilst improving the quality of their brand. I’m excited to have been a part of their development over the year,” Nada says. “We are already looking forward to supporting our client even more in 2020, with the sale of Master Franchise licenses in Ireland and the Middle East.”