Working closely with sell-side professionals helped one owner to successfully expand his business portfolio into new areas

When looking to expand his business portfolio into a new sector, one buyer’s conviction to use Transworld Business Advisors, led to him achieving his goal to buy a new business.


When it comes to working with sell-side deal advisory professionals, there are many who talk a good game, but end-up not acting for the best interests of either the buyer or seller on a transaction. However, I can wholeheartedly say about Michael Ziff, of Transworld Business Advisors of London, he was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond in order to construct a sensible deal which worked for everyone.


From the onset of being engaged with this business, even during the initial lockdown of the pandemic, Michael and his team acted exceptionally to complete the deal for both myself, as the buyer, and for the business owner he was representing. Due to these unprecedented times and all the uncertainty which has existed over the last 12 months, and indeed going forward, buying a business was perhaps not ideal. However, by working closely with Michael, listening to his constant advice, and the strong honest relationship he had built with the seller, meant much uncertainty was negated, and we could get a deal done which suited all parties.


I cannot thank Michael, and everyone at Transworld Business Advisors of London, enough for all their guidance and support in the purchase of our new exciting venture, as we expand our business into London for the first time. I am sure, although I met Michael through business, I have found a good friend and support for the years ahead.


I cannot recommend Transworld Business Advisors of London, or Michael Ziff, enough to anyone who might be considering a commercial business purchase.